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With more than 10 years of experience, Dreambox is able to provide proven marketing solutions.

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Dreambox is able to provides 360′ solutions of collaborated strategy, digital, IT, and design specialists effort.

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The Dreambox team always prioritizes the openness of the work process and the costs incurred.

UI/UX Oriented

Browse Website Pages
with Ease

Most of the best websites are created with the ease of browsing in mind to achieve your intended goal. The user interface and experience (UI/UX) is reviewed periodically using our analytic tools included in our monthly maintenance. 


Our website is guaranteed to be mobile-friendly and optimized for Google!


Universal CMS

The Website that is Wholly Yours

What’s the point of website if you cannot work with it?

We develop a website that the content can be easily edited by everyone without compromising the loading speed, content placement, and security.

The finished website is 100% yours.

SEO Friendly

Get quality Organic users

In addition to the convenience of using the website, we can also elaborate on SEO optimization as a strategy to bring in users organically. Our professional SEO and website services will carry out audits, keyword research, and strategies in ON-Page and OFF-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to prioritize indexing from Google.


You Need a Great Website
Because Familiarity = Credibility.

Website Development

Website UI/UX Design

Website Revamp

Website Development

Website development is a process of building, optimizing, and maintaining a website that run online on browsers. But there is more than that. Here at Dreambox we believe that a good website is the one that is mobile responsive, has a good overall performance, and easy to update. Combined with a good design process, your website will answer your business problems.

Website UI/UX Design

Having a well-designed website is crucial because design could drive your website into two opposite directions. The bad one can only damage your brand, while a good website design can bring brand clarity to your visitors and turn them into a promising leads. With the latest UI/UX case study, our goal is to enhance the user experience of your website so that it can serve your audience best.

Website Revamp

Website revamp is a process of restructuring and redesigning your existing website. While this might seems easy for some people, the fact is restructuring a website that is already exist is harder than building it from scratch. But with our powerful analytic tools and expertise we can gather useful insights from your current website to then use it as a new base for your new website.

Landing Page

SEO Management

SEM Management

Landing Page

The landing page contains your brand’s information but with a sense of urgency that would plant curiosity in your visitors to get to know your brand better. This page is also the page your visitors landed on when they clicked your ads and filled with Call to Action buttons to make it easy for the visitors to buy your products and services.

SEO Management

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your site by increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. This method is intended to grow your brand visibility in online platforms organically through specific keywords search. In Digital Marketing, SEO took quite some time to show you the results, but the results also last for a period of time.

SEM Management

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) promotes your products/services through paid search and advertisement to your target audience. Just like SEO, SEM is used to generate more traffic to your website. However, the goal of SEM is usually intended for conversions in a shorter period. When combined with a great website/landing page and good quality of products/services, SEM can be a powerful strategy to increase your business conversions.

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How Does Our Process Work?

Website Development

SEO & SEM Management

UI/UX Improvement

Website Maintenance

Website Development

Our website development methodology is divided into 5 big phases:

Research & Audit

A process of gathering as much data and insights from your current website(if you already have one) and from your competitor’s website. The research we do is widely range from how well your website’s UI/UX design compared to your competitor’s, how good your website performance is, to where do you rank if compared to your competitor’s SEO position. This initial phase is ensure to be done correctly as it is crucial to help the project point to the right direction.

Content Development

This phase is parallel with UI/UX Design phase. In this phase, we will learn about your business goals, your brand voice, and the whole content strategy for your website. This includes weekly/monthly content topics for your website.

UI/UX Design

This is the most important part of website development. With all the valuable insights we got from the Research & Audit phase, we will design every pages within your new website with a new strategy our team has prepared. Combined with the latest UI/UX study cases, your website will have a clear designed goal in every pages it has. Resulting to not only a good brand clarity, but also a better user experience and better SEO ranking performance.

Front-end & Back-end Development

After all the design pages is approved, our developer team will start to develop the website according to the pages design. We develop a website that has good speed and SEO performance, mobile friendly, secure, and easy to use for both users and administrators. At the end of this phase there is a UAT/User Acceptance Test where you can run a test with your team to ensure the website is well done.


When the UAT is done and your team is ready to launch the website, our developer team will do the migration within one day. The post-migration process will be in this phase too. It’s to make sure that the migration done correctly and your website is ready to be searched in the Google search result page.

SEO & SEM Management

SEO Overview

Our initial analysis is to see how your website’s SEO condition is currently and what should be done in the short and long term.

Pillar Content

The base topics of content on your website for SEO strategy so that Google will quickly index your website.

Technical SEO

Matters related to technical SEO, from tools, metadata, keywords, websites, also include the scope of what we do.

Content SEO

On-page and Off-page SEO we develop through content strategy via keywords and trends on Google. We will also produce content in the form of articles/blogs for your website.


Periodic checks to ensure your website is structured just in the way Google recognizes.

KPI and Content Monitoring

Monitoring the development of KPIs and target keywords in pages and content.

Keyword Research

This research is conducted to see and analyze whether your website’s SEM and SEO are easy to get the best position on google.

UI/UX Improvement

UX Research

We study user behavior when they want to access a website to find out what kind of product to launch based on the needs and desires of the user.

Information Architecture (IA)

We will also create a website information architecture schematic regarding the convenience needs of visitors.

Wireframing and User Flow

The team then creates a web page framework (wireframing), from the design of the display to the initial appearance of the website with a user-friendly design.

Design UX Prototype

The team creates a prototype product for the client to assess whether the prototype can advance to the release stage or still needs to be revised again.

Design System Development

After the product is approved, the team will develop more complex systems and programs.

User Interface (UI) Design

This stage focuses on each website page’s colors, typography, transitions, and other visual aspects.

Usability Testing

Translating the website’s appearance into programming language code, after which the website will enter the program testing phase before being released to the public.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is a post-development phase where all the technical and content maintenance will be run. These phase exists to ensure your website’s overall performance and traffic will remain steady or even improving. Some of the main process are updating website version, monitoring website performance, fixing potential technical issues, and updating content.

Success Story

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Developing World Class Website

Apple tasked us to help them create a website for Apple Developer Academy. Afterward, we continued the projects at Surabaya, Batam, Italy, and later Brazil.

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Aiming to be the Best Hospital Website in Indonesia

Dreambox helps Bunda Hospital Group improve the overall website to support their initiatives and make it easier for visitors to access more information.


The Best Design of Educational Website

UMN is one of the most advanced universities in Indonesia. Through modern design implementation, UMN is one of the universities with current digital breakthroughs.

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